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WINNER – UIAA Mountain Protection Awards 2020-21 Best New Initiative!


We’re so proud our No Bins project has won this prestigious award! The project’s mission is a drive towards sustainable tourism, engaging tourists in the principle that they have a part to play in the protection of the mountains. We will study waste issues associated with outdoor industries including skiing, alpinism, cycling, mountain biking, trail running and hiking, and work to reduce the waste produced by these activities.

Tourism is vital to the economy; but we all have a responsibility to make sure it is sustainable. We want to move attitudes away from buying consumables in single-use packaging and throwing away waste on the mountain (even in a waste bin) towards choosing products in packaging which is either re-usable or recycled, and being responsible enough to take non-recyclable waste down the mountain.

The Idea

The idea came from a conversation Raluca and Ali had about resorts where bins had been removed to protect the environment. We started to think about what would need to change in the mountains to make the same thing possible: change what people buy, how things are packaged, how you inform everyone… It was a great challenge!

We quickly realised the best place to start would be a review of these projects where bins had been removed already, looking at what worked well, what challenges there were, and taking the lessons to come up with a methodology which was already proven.
We’re going to make this methodology, the Blueprint, available to all resorts; the idea is to protect the mountains while keeping them open for tourists to enjoy.

The UIAA Mountain Protection Award

We are absolutely delighted that our project has won the UIAA Mountain Protection Award 2020-21 Best New Initiative! This is a wonderful endorsement of our idea. Being a fairly young association, this is a very rewarding moment for us, as it helps to solidify our place in the area of mountain protection. We’re looking forward to working with research partners and within the local community to bring our idea to fruition.
The annual UIAA Mountain Protection Award (MPA) was created in 2013. During its eight years of existence, the platform has enabled people to raise finances to build key infrastructures, conduct vital research and fulfil pending project goals. In parallel, it has provided an international showcase and communication platform for projects to raise awareness and exchange ideas and initiatives. Not only has it supported local communities, it has fostered its own global community. The Award celebrates innovation and the desire of climbers to make a positive difference.

See the UIAA announcement here

Tell us what you think!

We’re really keen to hear feedback on our idea! Whether you’re a tourism expert, a service provider or a mountain visitor we’d love to hear from you, why not tell us what you think by emailing us on the address below?
If you have some time or skills to spare, there are also lots of opportunities to get involved with the No Bins project. 
Skills we’re looking for in particular are:
Sustainable tourism – we’re keen to hear from anyone with experience of implementing sustainable tourism projects in resorts 
Ambassadors – we’re looking for people who share our vision and would like to help us spread the word and engage stakeholders
Service providers – we need to work with service providers to understand their needs and make sure they are part of the solution
Fundraisers – if you’ve got experience of fundraising we’d love to hear from you!
And, of course, we’d especially love to hear from you if you’re interested in making a donation!
If you’d like to help out in any way, contact us at